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No-one can contain China, says analyst


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Sounds more like a politician himself, rather than an academic.

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Zongze Ruan

Minister Counselor Political Affairs Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the USA

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The more the government squaks, the more desperate you know they've become.

Especially in a country without even the appearance of a free media.

I give stability two more years.

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China is not the country engaged in multiple wars around the globe...why dies China need containing?

-10 ( +3 / -13 )

No-one can contain China’s rise,

That's the same thing they said about Japan in the 80's, until their fake money economy imploded on itself.

Take a look around China with all of it's empty cities built with printed money that nobody wants to live in since there's no jobs around, and tell me China is growing at an alarming pace.

The only thing that can't be contained is the inevitable collapse of Western ( and a few Eastern) economies, as the chickens start coming home to roost.

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I hate to say it, but this Ruan has a point. It is probably still possible for the West to contain China the hard way - they still don't produce many irreplaceable products, only cheap ones. But the West won't unite to take China down a notch, because they don't want to bleed. The end result is that I think China would get stronger and its neighbors less and less able to resist its (as far as I can see generally illegitimate) demands.

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China's growth is going to slow to a crawl as the one child policy intersects with an aging population. As they say, "Japan got rich before it got old, but China will get old before it gets rich." As this unfolds, look for the CCP to increasingly try to distract the Chinese populace from domestic problems with foreign diversions like the Senkakus.

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It makes no sense to try to contain something that is imploding. China has a very large population, plus the massive water quality/food issues. Very large corruption also. It will be up to the people of China to turn this around and it maybe the farmers being forced off their land to force the change otherwise the rich in control will only get more brazen and crazy to the point of failure.

Does China have the ability to be the anchor of Asia? ==> absolutely, but not with the political/social/direction they are taking now. These political boasts are more of a distraction for the populace of China than anything to keep them under the corrupt political control. But the more Chinese travel out of China and into other area they will see and demand change in China.

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Another thing to note about China is that unlike Western countries (and Japan) who became rich (based on per capita GDP) and THEN started having demographic problems, China is having demographic problems BEFORE they've become rich (their per capita GDP is on par with countries like the Dominican Republic).

They've no cushion to pick up the slack. Western countries and Japan, slowdown means tightening the belt, shrinking economies.

Slowdown in China means riots, massive poverty, and revolution.

It's also interesting to note that China spends MORE money per yer on it's special police force, used ONLY to quell disturbances that it does on its regular military machine.

Any country that spends the bulk of it's military budget on keeping its own citizens in line ain't exactly the model of growth.

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Mainly good comments here. Perhaps no single country can contain China alone, but an alliance of free democracies/republics can.

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Well, just withdraw all the money before the implosion.

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The US and China are the world’s top two economies and militaries

Russia has the #2 Military.... and China still has a long way to go before they catch them...

3 ( +5 / -2 )

China needs to shore things up at home first, before it implodes. It needs to review it's core interests, and understand its own sphere of influence, and know it's true place and capacity today and in the future. Peace on the seven seas.

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Trying to contain China either overtly or by subtle means is inflammatory and ultimately cements existing xenophobic attitudes. I've been interested in China's rise for a while, but it is telling when Chinese friends of mine have been saying for a few years that Western media have been blowing the rise of China completely out of proportion- Now media outlets are slowly waking up to the fact that China could have its own series of "lost decades", ala Japan. I think it's more important that China balances out domestically with regards to its internal markets and the political situation; and can replace its ambitions with a focus on consolidation and improvement of its lot.

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China's rise will be China's biggest fall! They are nomads, corruption will be the destruction and the bottom rail will rise to the top!

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Reminder that China came out to the world after the Financial Crisis and saved it from complete melt down... The Fed will not exist did China not come out to buy their debt.

ON the other hand, where the American Regime focus on, thats the place with lots of violence and instability. Look at Middle East now, completely in kaos. Now they want to focus on Asia, turn neighbours against one another so they can sell arms and create instability. they are probably monitoring this group and spying on us in our own country. The American regime is complete rule of man.

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I imagine China is very afraid of 3D printing. The local manufacturing reclaimed by communities worldwide will inevitably climb up the value chain as printer and materials tech evolve.

How long before we see a 'free' DIY smartphone, for example?

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The author of this blurb is clearly clueless!!

As many have rightly pointed out China has MASSIVE internal problems & they are set to get much much worse!

China's military also is simply no where near a match for the rest of the world & a lot of its military as others have said is designed to CONTROL ITS OWN CITIZENS!~

I have been saying for a few year China is now set to implode and/or explode, only question is when & how much trouble they will cause outside of China before the place goes down in flames

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in my row of popularity comments i suppose three is a charm like always then. No, no one could, maybe someone could but the ones who could wouldn't. Japan is bound by treay since i dont know .. 60 years ? 70 ? as an ally to the u.s. as these things go the most powerful faction will never allow the conquered to gain more power than it has itself. If there's two powers capable of opposing china on the whole planet that would be either the U.S. or the former USSR (which is not anymore but brimming with factions who would like to restore some glory). The U.S. will not go into an all out open conflict, the others won't since china is one of their most important allies-if-need-should-arise against aforementioned first major power.

it's not just economy and banks ruling the world even if its not convenient if i had a mandate of some sorts i would not be speaking like this im very well aware of that but so are all of them

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i posted too soon, yes, to the guy above, the one most capable of destroying china is probably china itself (sorry for the double post)

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