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Noda won't last long if he can't unify party, solve problems

By Malcolm Foster

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A good headline which should have just read; "Noda won't last long" Nobody ever does. This is a revolving door job as the world knows. Who's next?

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Noda won't last long

Wow....as if that isn't obvious!!!! I've stopped counting how many PM's they've had since i arrived here.

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Again, stating the blatantly obvious. thanks JT.

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This is a characteristic of the system-nobody can or wants to change it.

Basically the politicians, and I have witnessed many examples,don't really give a rat's a##e about the people.

And before I am flamed we should remember what 'government' is ?

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What kind of question is this for? He has just started less than 48 hrs ago. Do Japanese people already want him to quit? Why can you write something positive so that people of Japan want him to succeed? This is so discouraging affirming Japan is a filled with negative attitudes for everything.

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Noda will last, I believe. He is different.

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How do you unify a party that has no real political viewpoint? The DPJ is just a collection of ex-LDPers and young bucks that got elected because they were well known, not because of their political positions. Just look at the obvious -- Noda wants to immediately consider addressing the consumption tax issue, and Ozawa wants no part of that. Never going to happen. He'll be lucky to last until the next Diet election and Japan will continue to flounder as a result.

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Agree with the article. My guts tell me Noda will be the shortest-lived PM after Koizumi.

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Bring back Koizumi!

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****I think Prime Minister Noda should given a chance to run Japan on smooth pass. As I am part Japanese, I feel he is going to rebuild Japan in a proper way. His words are strong and I feel the Japanese people should have open ear to listen to what he is saying. Being part Japanese, I feel that Japan will recover quickly and Prime Minister Noda will be the man to bring positive results in bringing the Japanese economy to compete with other nations. I am very proud of him and that he will make many friends worldwide. For those people who says he won't last a year, doesnot understand how Japanese people think and do. They should at least the learn Japanese language and to experience them with Japanese people and then have to look for both sides before giving their opinions of how Noda could run the country properly or not. I am 100% that Prime Minister Noda will make Japan number one again in anything they do.

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Being part Japanese, I feel that Japan will recover quickly

Being entirely English, so do I. But I don't see what nationality's got to do with it.

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