North Korea's missile launch: Why Japan?

By Shingo ITO

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What's his motive for launching these missiles?

What does he gain or benefit by randomly launching missiles around?

If for example that missile landed in an area and killed 100 people, what would be the Japan's and other countries reaction?

Sorry for my ignorances but, this all seems very irresponsible as a countries leader with no positive gains for their welfare or countries economic growth.

Im perplexed at this whole situation!!!!

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Those are test missiles ergo sans warhead to refine the technology and fine-tune needed calculations.

They don't pose any real danger till they are armed, granted mid air collisions and Debris can happen.

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Instead of "calling for ratcheting up pressure on Pyongyang" it would be more to the point to ratchet up pressure on the US, which seems to be the aggressor.

Also, when it comes to nuclear deterrence, it appears that is the reason for North Korea's action. Hussein and Gaddafi did not have nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction and look what happened to them.

The US has enough weaponry is South Korea, the ability, to destroy the North. The only defence the North has is the threat of nuclear retaliation. That is how nuclear deterrence is supposed to work. You can take us out, but we will cause so much damage that your side will lose, too.

The best line of defence for Japan would be to close the American bases on its soil as they are increasing rather than reducing the safety and security of Japan.

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north Korea is not playing g in reality but from their insane perspective, Japan appears to be an easy target to threaten for the, appearance of slapping at America. the flaw in their misguided I sanity is America will absolutely protect Japan, Kim and his followers probably think the USA will hesitate and they mistakes believe Japanese pacifism means they won't defend themselves. Japan has proven it's ability to wage war. but none of this will happen. China does not want an active american or Japanese army on it's northeast border within striking distance of Beijing and China doesn't want to watch half it's GNP disappear because of some clown in Pyongyang.

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@ pacintToday  08:36 am JST

'Those are test missiles ergo sans warhead to refine the technology and fine-tune needed calculations.

They don't pose any real danger till they are armed, granted mid air collisions and Debris can happen.'

Mid air collisions? At 550 kilometres??

And what's the big fuss? It was above Japan's airspace.

'Hostile' countries' satellites fly over 'enemies' countries all the time; they are not shot down; they are above the countries' legal airspace.

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How do they get up there or come down?

They do cross flight-paths and most countries will inform countries whose routes, etc will intersect.

Check the recent news where a plane crossed a NK missile trajectory.

Remember the majority of flights are cargo NOT passenger flights.

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Test missiles, not so sure, also they are a clear and unambiguous threat to Japan. He is saying it missed this time but you are in range and I can cause devastation any time I like, and as Lard arse No3 is not even as stable as a bag of frogs on acid, that is a worrying position to be in.

The current fat arse on the regal throne of the NK dynasty, knows full well he has a strong hand in dealing with China as they will do almost anything to avoid a united, democratic and economically successful Korea, as such a close example would seriously endanger the Communist party grip on power so calls on china to reign him in probably will achieve nothing concrete. Autocrats and dictators of every hue have always found demonising a foreign threat a good means of distracting their population from their own failures and the misery they impose on the lives of their people.

So Lard arse No.3 can huff and puff at the USA to please his domestic audience, knowing that China has no choice but to back him, but he can seriously poke Japan to great applause (and perhapse frighten them in to loosening their alliance with their main ally which would leave them weakened) as not only are they the NK hate No. 1 due to the colonial era (the hate carefully cultivated for this purpose) but also incapable militarily or politically to do anything about it.

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Is this just conjecture, a discussion of opinions or what?

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