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Not just balloons: How U.S. sees China spying as major worry


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After that Chinese ballon took a coast to coast tour of the US last week, it's time to go back to Trump policies and get tougher on Chinese spying and spies.

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I agree.

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Everyone including the US has engaged in extensive spying, so to create this outcry now is just more obvious anti-China propaganda to justify a military conflict (we've seen this type of build-up before, i.e. Iraq etc).

Expect more "shocking " revelations and accusations from now until 2025.

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Biden's government is the one who discovered the spy balloons. Trump didn't even know.

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So does this mean we can see Chinese bad guys in movies again? I'm getting sick and tired of Hollywood using the Russians and their mafia as the antagonists in every movie.

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I understand that China wants to be a major player on the world stage, but where do they get their ideas for what is acceptable behavior? Sending spy balloons into other countries' airspace, and sending their goons to threaten Chinese citizens and non-citizens in other countries is not normal behavior.

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Spying is easy with smartphone,I found two Galaxy watches tried to pair with my phone, through Bluetooth,cut on your phone Bluetooth and see other people devices are close to you,spies can easily use Bluetooth to send classified data,if you using a Bluetooth device, somebody know you there Google Bluetooth Spying

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Ukraine is the biggest spy threat for American, Russian Ukrainain agents are actually in touch with American official and they are too dumb to know this, Russian have a very extensive spy ring inside the Ukrainain government in a level, transferring US secrets back to Russia

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Pathetic decadent US has no moral authority to judge China when they themselves are the ones who spy on the whole world and meddle in the affairs of other countries for their own geopolitical convenience..

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