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Obama couldn't give McChrystal a pass

By Steven R Hurst

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Good move. The guy should be demoted too.

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And Truman wouldn't give MacArthur a "Pass"! I think the general had that in mind when he let Rolling Stone magazine (A Liberal Paper) interview him.Obama is No Wartime President BUT He is The "Commander in Chief" !

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The general didn't let Rolling Stone interview him. It was approved by his civilian PR rep, but things happened... What was only supposed to be an hour of talking while the General was travelling in Europe got extended considerably when all air traffic was grounded due to the Iceland volcano. You can't keep your guard up all the time and the General and his aides shot themselves in the foot multiple times with with their mouths. It's mostly due to inexperience - his and his aides' prior assignments were highly classified so they never had to deal with press. The joking and banter found within a unit does NOT translate well to a public forum.

Petraeus is much more adept at dealing with the press and is unlikely to cause the same mess.

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(oh yeah, the civilian PR rep resigned from his post as well)

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Nope he couldn't give him a pass and I find it odd that McChrystal's aids had such loose lips. My guess is he was so frustrated he may have done this to make the news and get out of the job while exposing the incompetence of the administration. "Biden... Bite Me" That's a sentiment I can agree with.

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In essence, Gen Stanley McChrystal fired himself. It fell to Obama to make the announcement.

In the same essence..whos going to tell Obama hes canned?

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Petraeus doesn't have a fifth star. The article is incorrect. Good catch!

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General purposely fired himself. 9th year of war? get back to me in 10 more years. For the time being keep buying Halliburton stock.

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This guy should be court martialed, and his pension taken away. He should be sentenced to 15 years at fort leavenworth, Kansas.

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