Obama juggles need for campaign money, mass appeal


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Take the money, the people understand he position you are in and they will support you all the way. Against those money grubbing, hording Republicans..

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A billion dollars for his campaign? Seriously...?

Gods I hope he doesn't win again...

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It is better for America if he wins, all the republican does when they win is setup up every thing for the money, they don't care if the people starved, who do you think bankrupt the system, starting with Reagan. Since he broke the union America as never recover from that one act.

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It's not about campaign money anymore - it's all about the Super PACs. There's no limit there. Why ask for hundred$$ or thousand$$ at a time when just one multimillionaire could drop $5 million at once?

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Need for mass appeal? Heck, he's got mass appeal up the yazoo.

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There's no juggling. He'll get money from Wall Street and Hollywood as usual. Remember the 2008 campaign? Obama was the first candidate since the public funding system was created in 1976 to drop out of it. That was after, of course, he pledged to honor it....

Politics and money are not issues of one party or the other. Both are equally greedy and craven.

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The Supreme Court really dicked up on the Citizen United decision. I don't know how we get that genie back in the bottle.

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