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Obama moving to center on some issues

By Tom Raum

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President Obama is a Leftist extremist with views not much different from his political soulmate Hugo Chavez of Venezuala. Don't listen to what he say, watch what he actually does. In very short order he has created the largest deficit in history and the long term debt is catastrophic. On top of this, he wants to start huge government programs such as nationalized health care. Hardly moderate and extremely socialist. He taking over and running car companies and banks. He wants to release terrorists in America even though many members of his own party in Congress are against it. Obama is the worst president in American history - and it's only his second hundred days in office.

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Observing the squealing from the far right wing and the grumbling from the far left, there isn't much to dispute Obama's course towards the center.

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No way! Obama is a pinko socialist who pals around with terrorists and wants to take away our freedomz!

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Wolfpack! z0mg0rrzzz!! Socialist medicinezz! Perish the thought you should be treated for free if you're sick. God forbid one of your loved ones ever get struck down with cancer and then get refused insurance payout.

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Wolfpack... By all sides with an ounce of rationality and a perception of reality, everyone knows he has been made to move towards the center to get anything done.

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Twisting in the wind...

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extremely socialist. He taking over and running car companies and banks.

Umm...socialism is when the workers take over.

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Oh noes, an extremist, and the worst president in US history! Sounds like the same opinions many held of Bush. But then again, there's no rationality in political debate these days.

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