Obama seeks elusive prize -- Middle East deal

By Anne Gearan

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Good luck O, you're gonna need it.

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The only solution that will solve the Israel/Palestine issue is also the only solution that has no possiblity of happening. A unified secular and multi-cultural state is what is required. One where mutual economic and political objectives can assure the stability and cooperation required to save both communities.

A divided state will create a scenario where a poor Palentinian state will co-exist next to a more powerful Israeli state that still occupies much of what was formerly Palestine. How can this result in peace?

A joint state could bind the peoples of both communities together. But hatred and mistrust on both sides will make such a secular state impossible. The conflict will still be making headlines when most of us are long dead.

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No chance, Obama

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Nobel Peace Prize laureate President Obama can do it!

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Ridiculous. He tries the same impossible thing that everybody else before him has failed with before. His over-inflated ego does not change the impossibility of the situation.

Israel wants to exist, and the Arab islamic neighbours do not want Israel to exist. There is no common ground here.

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Maybe Obama could offer the Palestinians some land in northern Alaska and provide free transportation for all of them. Then everyone will be happy.

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" Maybe Obama could offer the Palestinians some land in northern Alaska and provide free transportation for all of them. Then everyone will be happy. "

As long Israel continues to exist, no that will certainly NOT make everyone happy. In fact, it is irrelevant to the issue. The Arab muslim goal is to end the existance of the state of Israel, and not the place of residence of some muslim Arabs.

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Think Obama has bigger problems than the Mid East.There will never be a peaceful co-existence there.Both sides prefer aggravation,so deal with the domestic issues.One problem at a time.

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Did someone mention the dual-state solution yet?...

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To reach a deal to form an independent Palestinian state and end six decades of conflict is an impossible task. They have been fighting for so long that they don`t know how to do anything else but to fight. What Obama wants to accomplish is an impossible thing. The only way for them to reach an agreement is to have God himself come down in person and strike them with his staff of discipline to wake them up.

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