Obama's Afghanistan strategy: Endgame or escalation? Or both?

By Ron Fournier

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Neither, it is a kind of "no-show", why will he (Obama) bother after receiving Nobel Prize also why harm Pakistan's interests.

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Obama: "Unlike Vietnam, we are joined by a broad coalition of 43 nations"

But like Iraq, U.S. troops comprise the vast majority of the coalition troops. I thought he was going to turn on the charm and get other nations to contribute!

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Sarge hopping around again. don't you support your commander in chief this time?

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Obama's whole exit plan is contingent on the Afghans stepping up and taking care of things by next year. Not likely to happen.

He very well could have been persuaded by the Military-Industrial/Pax Americana/behind the scenes power brokers. They stand to make a lot of money if the U.S. stays involved in a quagmire for a while. The more the merrier.

This military strategy is breaking several rules of Sun Tzu's Art Of War, and will not likely succeed if a clear victory is indeed the objective. It might not be.

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Obama is one crazy deluded dude.. He tries to act tough like President Bush, but fails miserably and makes America a laughing stock worldwide.

Unlike President Bush , he has no military experience, he doesnt have a clue about warfare and it seems he doesnt take note of his advisers.

The sterling work of the last administration is being wasted by this joker.

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Bush had military experience? Can you provide details of this experience? Did it involve 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks a year by chance?

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Bush sereved his country to a high standard during his time in the military and understands the concepts of patriotism and discipline. Obama lacks these qualities and this is why his ideas are so idiotic. Ths Afghan strategy is immature and doomed to failure. The Taliban and their evil doer buddies will br hiding waiting 18 months before they devastate Afghanistan and bring in an unelected fanatical muslim government.

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It was Afghan that did in the USSR...and now the US is in that quagmire...Slick Willy kicked us off in Afghanistan, and nobody has been able to squeeze the toothpaste back into the tube since... Now we have a Commander In Chief with no tactical knowledge whatsoever, not listening to those who do have the expertise, and making decisions on what he thinks will be popular with the public.

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it might as well be the viet cong they're fighting cuz they're getting the same results. nevermind flu vaccine, get more body bags

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Dick morris: Bush served his country to a high standard????

what high standard was that? creating mass hysteria and fear in a threat that never existed? creating an society that beat down the poor and middle classes and take away or not allow there to be a safety net for the people of his own country that needed it the most? for sending thousands of troops to die for a lie he created?

c'mon Dick, you and the two or three other people in this world who believe the same as you have to get a clue.

what about your beloved Bush? he was just as unelected and fanatical a leader as anyone has ever been

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Obama continues to prove that he's nothing more than a naive narcissist. At least Bush listened to his advisers where Obama couldn't be bothered. Obama needs to go back to community organizing -- he's not fit to serve.

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"The sterling work of the last administration is being wasted by this joker."

C'mon Dick you must be joking Dick? or are you sick Dick? you are at the very least funny Dick, but your arguments are fairly limp Dick.

In seriousness, I agree that Obama is wrong and has gone back on his promises, but you lend no weight to your argument, by comparing him to Bush.

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