Obama's war choice: Escalate or scale back


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One's desert could easily be another's dessert. =Things are more pleasure-able when they are edible.

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desserts and snowy mountains.

let them eat cake !

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Pakistan would dismantle its missiles well before the Taliban Tet Offensive hit. The Taliban would not be able to put all the parts together anyway. They play with wooden blocks. I say, remove all the art and put it in safe hands, and give refugee status to al that want it and transplant them around the world. Let the Taliban bearded ones keep their desserts and snowy mountains.

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=We must build the oil pipeline no matter what the cost =print more money.

If that is not "change you can believe in" -I don't know what is. Obama must keep his Federal Reserve owners happy. -and on to Venezuela.

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Unlike Iraq which should never have been pursued Afgahnistan must be won. The fact that a failed Afgahnistan would aid in a failed Pakistan (with nuclear weapons) is reason enough. Commit as many troops and resouces as necessary and get it done.

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These are an interesting read with some logical points.

To quote one of the letters: "Winning wars takes more than courage, and the desire to win. It requires, above all, the possibility of winning. In Afghanistan that possibility is nonexistent."

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This all reminds me of the rhetoric preceding the build-up in Vietnam. I thought a lesson was learned there. Guess McChrystal wasn't in class when Vietnam was discussed.

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that ship sailed over five years ago when Bush abandoned Afganistan and catching OBL in order to invade Iraq. The war is over, the US has lost and the only thing to do is leave and let the chips fall where they may. If the Taliban takes over again the US will deal with them like they did during the bush administration, as allies.

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If Obama decides to scale back before the threat of the Taliban re-taking power in Afghanistan is eliminated, he will have abdicated his responsibility as the commander in chief.

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scale back...forget this bulls**t about 'losing face', thats a dumb concept anyway, and less definable than 'losing lives'...we screwed up, just admit it and move on...the mood on the ground changed a long time ago from US-as-liberators to US-as-occupiers

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My analysis is more from another era, but may be relevant to someone. I would commit at least one month, having both Sec. Gates and Gen. McChrystal to appoint two top shelf staffs, each representing the Sec. and Gen. respectively. The question is: is there a third option? All or nothing is not the only answer.

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