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U.S. presidents and health: History replete with secrecy, lies


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Trump has denied, lied and tried to defy God himself. He'll do and say anything to remain in power.

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President Trump has been more honest then the last few Democrats to hold the office, and much better running the US Government.

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Trump has been given multiple doses of dexamethasone, a drug which is supposed to be administered only to dangerous cases of symptomatic Covid-19, and which is likely to induce hallucinations, feelings of euphoria, and even psychosis. Regardless of whether one is a fan or not, it is clearly questionable whether he should be allowed to make any decisions at this point in his treatment.

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To be clear I am not a fan of Trump, but I like to think that I would have the same position if we were considering how a Democratic President should be treated under similar circumstances. No one taking a drug known to cause hallucinations and/or psychosis should be allowed near the nuclear launch codes. At this point, I would worry about him be allowed near sharp objects.

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