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Oil and gas operations can cause earthquakes: study


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I think some politicians want more people to get fracking, but to make something other than petroleum products.......

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Can they frack in Japan? There is a lot of coal here.

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yeah, and meeting with other planets, and the impact of their weight pressure does not make sense.

and raising the planet earth due to absorb the sun's heat has nothing to do

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Common sense would tell you that by either taking something out of the ground or by putting something into the ground under pressure you are going to change the stresses down there. So small tremors are the logical outcome of this, just hope the small ones don't trigger BIG ones.

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Isn't this old news?

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This is a fairly new technology. With so much oil available (enough to last the states over 200 years) that's KNOWN at this time, hopefully science will figure a way out. If companies were allowed to drill in just a few places, gas prices would plummet.

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Fracking however drives metane into people's well water, to the point that you can set the tap on fire when you turn on the water. Leads to accidents and wastes methane that could otherwise be burned to produce energy, considering that methane is more of a greenhouse gas than CO2. Hopefully something will be done in the future to improve efficiency and deal with the methane issue in a reasonable way.

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