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How Japan can drive faster toward a clean-energy future

By Alan Yu and Glen Fukushima

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In my street the only house with solar panels is mine.

Why no other houses?

If the Japanese government is really serious about it then actions need to come fast!

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The new builds in our location have solar panels and Ecofarm units.

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Encourage adopting more green energy, which will be generated almost entirely within Japan, as opposed to importing oil and coal to make energy.

By the way, Japan currently gets about 0.3% of its energy from geothermal sources. Here in California we get about 5.0% of our energy from in-state generated geothermal, with more being tapped every year. Obviously, with its many potential geothermal resources, Japan could do a lot more in this area.

Recently developed and online is a technology called Enhanced Geothermal. With this new technology, geothermal energy can be sourced just about anywhere in the world, even in Antarctica.

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We had a roof top solar panel system installed by Tesla a few years ago. After the 30% tax credit, our cost for a solar system that almost eliminates our electric bills was less than $8,000. Our neighbor went with an independent solar contractor and paid more than twice as much.

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