Japan should look at itself to avoid being like China

By Ken Endo

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Strange title. The dark side of Xi's government is coming out. Nothing but ego. Kill & destroy others for my sake..with the excuse it's for the CCP. Where's the future? May true freedoms thrive.

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I hope Japan will stand with Taiwan when the time comes.

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I doubt whether freedom of speech really exists in Japan. Try saying something critical of the imperial family. Try going up and challenging the right-wingers with the loudspeakers. You won't get any sympathy from the police or the government. The reason why China seems a lot lot worse than Japan is because people in Japan put up with a lot of crap without saying anything. Japan has been a far more successful communist country - they've managed to subdue the people. Year after year, apart from brief periods, it's been the same old politicians - it's like Japan is a one-party country - sounds familiar?

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The tables have now turned in Taiwan, with support dropping for the pro-Beijing Nationalist Party, or Kuomintang, while support for Tsai Ing-wen of the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party continues to rise.

Some good news, at least.

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Don't be stupid Endo. Japan benefits from a strong central government. Look at the problems in the US, they are primarily because of a lack of a strong central government. Poor education system, dangerous streets, lawlessness and terrible 'justice system' based on a jury system of the non-educated and retirees, a country of wacko religious nincompoops and science deniers. The US is fundamentally broken, don't look to the US for political inspiration. Japan is a better run and fairer country than the US will ever be. Now is the time for more societal solidarity, not less. Do you really want measles in Japan, based on the freedom of everyone to choose not to get innoculated?

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JMW47, what words. Really.

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