U.S., Japan must boost deterrence as China learns lessons from Russia

By Bill Hagerty, Ben Cardin and John Cornyn

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Bill Hagerty is a U.S. Republican senator from Tennessee and former U.S. ambassador to Japan.

He's also a loyal Trumpite who believes the 2020 election was stolen.

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Second, we must further increase planning coordination as Japan looks to significantly boost defense.

Translation: We got a lot of expensive military junk to sell ya!

Our nations must urgently act to strengthen defense and deterrence because China, with its eye on Taiwan, is surely learning lessons from Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

No clue where India and Australia stand on the issue, but I'm pretty sure that the US will not intervene and Japan even less...

Fifth, the United States must further advance economic leadership in the Indo-Pacific.

Translation: We = leader maximo. You = colonies. You bow knees in front us. Comprendre?

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One of the lessons to be learned from the invasion of Ukraine is that psychopathic, homicidal dictators do not always behave logically, thus increasing the need for military deterrence.

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Biden to Fumio Kishida: you are in! Do what I say. But first, let me have Okinawa. We will put more Marines there to protect you! Hahaha.

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New defense capabilities that are mobile, lethal and interoperable

This will be the demise of Japan and regional security.

Japan hasn't learned it's lesson .

The USA is just using and abusing Japan !

Its the USA war machine that the world should be keeping its eyes on.

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