Oscars go young and hip, with predictable results

By Christy Lemire

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Japan and other Asian countries may establish so-called international film academy award based on both Eastern and Western aesthetic criterion to promote all films made in Asia or other continents. I guess so, but no investors and film studios in Asia to take a lead. Exactly, American film industries have owned a large share of export entertainment products so far, even Sony has acquired Columbia Movie House for decades.

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Only real hero's deserve awards (like those brave male and female rescuers in NZ). The vast majority of actors are just a bunch of delicate, shallow and insecure people who think they deserve an award just for doing their job.

I hate all of the award ceremonies for this very reason. I know of many hard working professions were people work in very difficult and stressful positions. These people do it without expecting an award. Why do these actors not feel ashamed for acting like they have done something special or contributed to society... Award ceremonies = Vain, plastic and vulgar.

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Lipstick on a pig.

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Awards shows are just another form of entertainment. If it works for you, if it does entertain, then enjoy the show. If not, simply change the channel or, better yet, turn off the TV and read a good book.

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Do you watch movies? if you do, badmouthing the Oscars is just ignorant. Actors are the first to admit their art form is narcissistic, but it is a legitimate medium as is music, painting, poetry etc. The Oscars are a format to recognize that medium and it is taken seriously by the professionals in the trade- As are the Tonys for Theater and The Grammys for music. If you dont watch movies, what in the world are you even reading this article for?. Obviously this has no interest for you, so why dump on someone elses? Too much time on your hands?

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Yes of course I enjoy movies. I also like it when I get good treatment at the hospital. But you don't these these real pro's flaunting on red carpets expecting awards for just doing their job do you.

Anyway, I didn't realize I had bad mouthed any individual person, I thought I had just expressed my views (which is shared by many).. However, if you personally took offense I apologize to you.

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actually, their are countless awards given to doctors through various associations. try a different metaphor. I agree with killdamessenger. If you like movies, the people that make and star in them dream and strive for Oscars. To disrespect their ambition seems counter to paying money to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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