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Outside U.S., top health scientists steer debate away from politics


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Science without politics.

How refreshing and sensible.

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Why isn't Japan on this list? No Asian. No one worth mentioning? Who's the intended audience of this article?

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Some observations.......

It is a shame that in the USA government scientists have been forbidden from addressing the public without a Trump politician first approving their message. That is not the way things were done prior to this president.

And, it is interesting, as the above blogger posted, that scientists are not used more openly in Asian countries. It would seem that the politicians in Asian countries give more respect to scientists, and rely on their advice more than does Trump, but why not rely on scientists to talk directly to the public?

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Politics and decisions as to how to interpret scientific data for social action by those in authority are different. Politics is when politicians that differ in opinions confront each other and maneuver to "benefit" their own agendas. If a politician who happens to be in authority to take action for his society / his citizens decides to take a different route than a scientist regardless of his specialty and prominence, that is NOT "politics."

If as with N Pelosi now trying to add unrelated funding into what is an emergency funding for those affected by the Corona Virus shutdown, that is "politics" with a separate agenda.

Scientists may consider scientific data and trending to "interpret" the best route of action relating to that specific need (in this case the virus), but a person of authority MUST consider ALL factors relating to the safety, security and health of the entire country and the rest of the world, economically, socially, militarily, politically and even religiously and racially in-order to to effect the most reasonable, reliable and meaningful route and actions to take for what he determines as the most beneficial goal fo the entire country. That is NOT politics.

As this article is an opinion, the writer stated his perspective. However, I cannot agree to stating that it was politics that determine the actions of most leaders of the country, except may be those that use the scientist and scientific data for their own agendas to obtain power and wealth for themselves and ignore the rest of their people or the rest of the world.

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