Pacifist no more? Experts discuss Japan's military


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What a croc !!!!! Counties like Switzerland and Sweden have strong military mandates but have remained neutral - pacifist in the last century . . .In FACT , Switzerland has a draft . . Canada is part of NATO -( which is an agreement among certain countries to support one another in the even tof aggression). - Yet Canada has singularly and exemplarily played strong role as a PEACE- keeping nation. .................. Japans redefinition means that it is SERIOUS about arresting / stymying the aggression of other nations AND supporting other democracies to retain their sovereignty in non-aggressive ways.

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Going to Hiroshima or Okinawa doesn't teach anyone much. Hiroshima is now a lively city, not much remains of the destruction. There is less and less people how lived through the war and less and less first hand stories of what it was like to be living during that time. Stories like a young girl sitting alone in the second floor of her house next to a bucket of water. She know a bucket of water wouldn't help but you were supposed to have one. All the while she can hear the planes and the bombs falling but she of sick of going to the shelter in the middle of the night so she stayed home with the bucket. As she heard the planes and bombs, she prayed that it not hit near her. One night a bomb did hit, just across the street in an empty lot but it did go off, it was a dud. Or when night people of the small town were watching the sky seeing the planes and the searchlights. The searchlights focused on to one plane, they shot it. Cheers went up from the crowd as they saw the plane explode and brake into large pieces. but that was short lived for now they were looking at the large burning pieces swaying this way and that, being carried by the wind. It's coming this way, no it's not, yes it is. The crowd ran this way a that in terror fearing where it would crash.

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“America-san, please keep your presence here for the peace, stability and prosperity for the Asia-Pacific region. Japan will help more, so let’s do it together.” That’s what we are trying to do.

This is how I see it too, Japan taking more of a role in the region.

I think for Japan to return to its old aggressive ways it would first need to unshackle itself from the US which isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Who else in asia is large enough, strong enough or has enough will to keep the rogues in check ( China & NK ) ?

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I think the change in article 9 is a signal to USA. Japan is in need of reasserting its sovereignty. It has long been under the yoke of colonial and post-war control by USA to the point that the people are tired of their presence in Japanese life. Changing the article will allow Japan to build offensive platforms in all aspects of their armed forces. If USA is truly in Japan as a protector, then Japan must show that they are capable of defending themselves. If USA is there only for self-interest (likely), then Japan can use their new-found militaristic strength to kick them out of the country. :)

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Truthfully speaking, MOST young Japanese people have no dreams to join the SDF. Unlike Korea or China, where mandatory military service is required by males, Japan has no such system, and is unlikely to adopt such a system. Japan's SDF if they want to expand and attract talent pool would need to increase salaries of SDF members and provide much more benefits for them to join. In the US, members have the GI bill which would pay for college if a service member successfully completes their tour of service.

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Having an army does not make a country Warmongers !!!

People who think like this guy, I think, are the real threat. They are so eager in imagining Japan (in this case) to become war like that it seem that inside themselves they really wanted to be like it.

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I wonder what kind of medals we might see going into mint now that the JSDF face the prospect of real battle. Extant Japanese medals are really gorgeous IMO so I'd like to see new military ones if only just to admire them.

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What planet are you living on Chuck? Japan just has to ask the US to leave. The US would welcome Japan taking a role in keeping the rogues at bay.

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How can one expect to be a neutral power with a limited constitutional ability to defend itself when a neighbor is posting maps showing mushroom clouds over Japanese cities while there is steady talk about a new war? "Si vis pacem, para bellum".

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scipantheist..... The location of Japan is of too much importance militarily for USA to leave. I doubt that they will ever leave even if someone asked.

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