Pokemon cheaters never win or do they?

By Bren Inou

Action Replay, Game Shark, Game Genie, Code Breakers -- for as long as there have been video games, there have always been ways to enhance the experience. Cheat codes help you beat certain parts of a game. Contra is impossible to beat without the 30 lives code on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Sometimes I like being able to just skip past levels I don’t like. But when does this usage of codes become cheating? Is it cheating in the first place?

If you use cheat codes in a game, then no. Cheat codes are intentionally designed into the game by its programmer. Example, The 30 lives code for Contra on the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. So what about cheat devices such as action replay? In this case yes….and no. Earlier this year, I bought Pokemon: Platinum for the Nintendo DSi and played roughly 70% of the game without using action replay. Then my friend offered me cheats to grant me 999 rare cadies to help level my Pokemon faster. Now in the long run, it did nothing more than save me hours of my life. But in a sense, it also killed the game for me. Once I finished the game, I never really play anymore it unless it is to trade Pokemon.

Also this year, I got Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2009 for the Nintendo DS and it was the same situation. My friend offered me the chance to use his action replay to get all the cards and, well, since he and everyone else I know used it, so did I. Only to be bored with the game a few weeks later. Hmmm…There seems to be a pattern in all this. It seems like harmless cheating. I mean I’m not ruining the game for anyone else besides myself, am I? Well, here is the other side of that coin. Now when I play against someone who did not use action replay, I’m full blown cheating. I have a distinct advantage that my opponent does not. I have every card available to me and he/she does not.

I do not approve of cheating in any way, shape or form. That’s why I never play Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh! against other players. Well, maybe just to trade Pokemon and Pokemon: Platinum only lets you battle trainers with level 30 or less Pokemon offline so it is not too bad. But Yu-Gi-Oh…Yeah, I don’t play that game with other people because I know I cheated and it would be unfair to my opponents.

I’m just going to say this. Cheating only ruins the game for yourself or everyone else you play with, so do not do it. Action Replay sounds great and all but in the long run, it only ruined every game I played using it.

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Contra is impossible to beat without the 30 lives code on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

It most definitely is not.

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Games cheat codes really spoil the fun and challenges that had been designed into the specific game. You don't enjoy and win the game if you use cheat codes, you just wasting your time, and not harnessing your gaming skills. Only lame noobies gamers using cheat and hack codes.I'm a DOTA fan, come and visit our community at ""..we need more Japanese member.

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any cheat codes in it? :P

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still playing games ?

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