Privacy rights may become next victim of killer pandemic

By Rob Lever

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So, there are people whose "privacy" is more important than saving lives?

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So, there are people whose "privacy" is more important than saving lives?

Always this. Any concern about human rights, privacy, authoritarianism, the ability to feed one's family is met with "so you want people to die???!!"

Learn that life is not all or nothing - it is a series of trade offs. Adults should be aware that by getting one thing they are giving up another that may turn out to be more important in the long run. People who give up their human rights so eagerly deserve to live in authoritarian states.

I am not even saying that some rights might be suspended in extreme situations, but people should be like those in the article above. Very careful and very wary about what is happening.

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Already the use of technology is being mooted eg teleworking which has its privacy concerns yet can keep people apart and at the same time connected.

Either governments use technology to snoop on populations or allow freedom of communication over networks.

It will be hard for them to resist I think...

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