Putin's health: Pivotal yet shrouded in uncertainty


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The claims made about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who will be 70 in October, are lurid and macabre, as well as impossible to verify.

Dictators, a la Hitler, seem to breed those rumors.

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citing American intelligence.

Three magical words that translate to "fantasy nonsense dreamed up by the CIA".

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So "rude health" health means good health? Or is that a typo?

He will seek a third consecutive mandate in 2014? So he is going back in time?

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regarding to news we should believe/Reuters and co/

-Putin have health issue

-Putin have cancer

-Putin have abnormal appearance when moving by head and right hand while walking

-Putin have died long time ago and you can see just his dummy appearing in TV and in news

and lies goes on...

are you still wondering that majority of people cant consume your "news" anymore?

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Good eye! Rude health, though, is kind of fun. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be good health, but it could be crude health, or prude health, or even nude health, judging by the calendars.

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Putins physical health is fine for his age.

However his mental health is obviously an issue.

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So, besides being a homicidal maniac, he is also physically unhealthy?

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"Rude health" I believe is a British expression related to rugby.

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When Putin invaded Ukraine I was convinced he was out of his paranoid mind. Nothing that Putin has done since has changed my opinion.

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