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Putin and Xi ruler-for-life moves pose challenges to West


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The modern American system is a total dysfunctional mess.

Russia just has Putin. He's the boss, and everybody knows it.

@Burning Bush

So Putin is "the boss", what exactly is so endearing about an unelected leader with a bunch of gangsters in office that stows away hidden yachts and billionaire mansions at the expense of the Russian people while proclaiming propaganda about "the west" to keep his population under control? Recent opposition leaders have been thrown in jail under false pretenses and who knows what other god-awful things are happening in secret there.

American democracy has issues, this is undeniable. But to say the Russian system is a better choice is laughable. And Putin is a damn KGB crook. Something tells me you haven't looked at what real democracies look like. Look at the political system of Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany and other European countries. The US should try to model itself on these countries, not dictatorships.

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A challenge to the West? Not if you are Trump, in which case they are role models.

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The article does not support the headline in any way.

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Leader for life is Trump's fantasy as well.

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This is not anything new nor shocking. What dictator do you know of that didn't want to hold onto power until the end?

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A challenge to the West? Not if you are Trump, in which case they are role models.

Au contraire! Trump is his own role model. He is the first non-politician to become president since Eisenhower but he won't be the last.

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