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Is there a way out of the U.S.-China trade fight?


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It is almost exactly one year and eight months until the next US president is sworn in. At that time we can expect sanity to return to trade.

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The US wants COMPLETE political, economic and military domi8nation of the globe; it even has sanctions, secondary sanctions and tariffs against its subservient allies (lapdogs). There will be no peace until the nations of the world unite and regain their sovereignty and freedom from the US. Many more wars to come.

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Yes. China can back down and negotiate a fair deal. Don't hold your breath.

It is almost exactly one year and eight months until the next US president is sworn in. At that time we can expect sanity to return to trade.

No, the next Republican president will be sworn in Jan 20, 2025, and jeez, 1glenn, even some Democrats are supporting Trump's tariffs on China.

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Serrano, no most Democrats do not support trump tariffs! As for yet another republican, the USA is on the verge of becoming a totalitarian right wing dictatorship. The republic is in danger from republicans! trump started this tariff nonsense and is threatening to destroy the world economy!

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Anything made in China and exported to the US is replaceable. Textiles from Southeast Asia, hi tech from Japan, and tourists from Europe. Other countries will gladly fill in if China decides to sit this one out.

Jet engines, rudders, anything wirh multiple moving tech (yes the billet trains work based on foreign technology), chips, and other high tech products which only the US can supply? China needs it badly and the technology to put it to use and make it run correctly. China needs to give a lot to make the partnership equal. China needs the world more than the world needs China. We can suffer if the price of sweat shirts rise at Wal Mart and as for tech, I trust DARPA.

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Perhaps it's time to shift production to smaller countries to get chance to grow like China. Anything China makes could also be made in cheaper cost countries like Philippines , Vietnam , Cambodia , Taiwan , Korea , and even Japan. lets give others a chance at rapid growth and bring some back to USA also.

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Get rid of trump, there. Solved!

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I disagree with Trump on pretty much everything but this. I hope that whoever is in the white house, Trump or a Democrat, continues to stick it to CHina.

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