Q&A: The Democratic debate over impeaching President Trump


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Go for it.

The spectacle will be fun, and the aftermath of a resounding Trump victory over "hands-on" Biden will be even better.

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If Dems really want Trump out of office they should focus more on next year's elections and what they can do for the American people. If they keep on this path, Trump will take another four years of office. Don't really like Trump but you have to face the facts that he has improved some aspects of American life and made it a better place. It would be much better if the Dems would stop trying to prevent him from helping the American people. I say the Dems know he (a non-politician) is doing a better job than any modern day politician. And they can't handle it!!! So Dems, get off your high horses, forget trying to impeach Trump and focus on 2020 elections. Show the American people that you can do better. And do this with action, not words ........ as Trump is doing.

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I think the picture of Chuck the Schmuck sums up perfectly the blood lust for Trump and the entire agenda of the DNC. Kudos to the photographer for the graphic image of truth.

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No chance it will happen - just another of the Democrat's time wasting instead of enacting legislation the would benefit the country.

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Yeah those facial expressions are hilarious, especially in the top picture.

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