How targeted advertising on social media drives people to extremes

By Jeanna Matthews

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Traditional media scaremongering about Web 2.0 (again).

I don't even see adverts online any more. My brain auto-filters them out. All except the YouTube ones for Grammarly. I have clicked skip on those so many times, that if a Grammarly representative turned up at my door, I would pop headphones on, count down from 5 and then pun... ahem click them, before closing the door.

Does that mean Grammarly has radicalised me to the level of Jan 6 civil war? Naughty Grammarly.

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I'm thinking that anyone who thinks it's legit to get their news and information from YouTubers is going to be someone prone to believing BS.

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Brave and Duck-Duck-Go. Effective ad blocker and built in VPN. Just saying ..............

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I don't participate in any 'social media', at least to my knowledge, but I've clicked on an occasional advertisement for one or two retailers and suddenly any product in which I've showed an interest appears when I click on 'The Weather Network' to check local conditions. Is TWN a social network, too? In fact, is everything online (except for federal government) a social network? If so, that's a sickness that's totally out of control and far worse than COVID19 or any other flu.

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Not only ads but the news you read. Eerily I get the same news from different outlet over and over again and it always appears as the number 1 news, but my friend sitting next to me has completely different news headlines

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It is all about the money.

So what if our company feeds misinformation and violence, as long as we make more money?

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