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Recalls erode value of Toyota's global brand


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Although China has surpassed Japan as the world’s second-largest economy, Japan had more of what are considered top global brands than did China, it said.

Looking at the fact that only 10 years ago China was considered a third world country in need of support, building a global brand will take some more time.

Ironically the Japanese, as one of the biggest investors in China, enable the Chinese to --rather sooner than later-- kill the Japanese brands on the global market.

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Toyota has no one to blame but itself! Too greedy!

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Toyota and Honda both are getting grilled in the US press... not for safety issues but for resting on their laurels. There's an auto show in DC right now and the press is really impressed with Nissan's new models which they said offered more than you'd expect in those price ranges. They contrasted that with Toyota and Honda's offerings which they said offered the bare minimum at each price point. 10 years ago I would have swore Nissan was on its last legs. Looks like they may be ready to give Toyota and Honda a bit of competition.

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elbudamexicano at 02:29 AM JST - 3rd February. Toyota has no one to blame but itself!

Really? Why don't you blame on Ray LaHood and the NHTSA for their bogus accusation of sudden accelation which resulted in majority of the recalls. Besides, if you think Toyota product is inferior, they still sold 8.4 million vehicles in slow year of 2010. Consumer knows what good products are. You cannot fool the public.

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Toyota remains Japan’s No. 1 global brand, but its value has fallen by nearly a fifth because of the recent massive recalls that dented consumer trust in the quality of its cars, according to an international consultant.

2010 sales were neither up or down for toyota. Up 6% for lexus. Share price feb 3 2010 to feb 3 2011: up from 73 to 85.

If its perceived value has fallen, it's not reflected in either the share price or sales.

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Greed rules Toyota which makes it blind to its ills. A corolla sold in Thailand, India or Pakistan etc, is more expensive than the one sold here and quality is crap. On par with early 90's cars.

Also they do not make budget, exciting cars anymore.

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As Hokkaidoguy says, this is just "brand" value. US Stock is up YOY, and JP stock is also up YOY, so weathering the storm. Still the number one producer by volume, which would suggest that despite the comments here, people want their cars!

"Also they do not make budget, exciting cars anymore." - If this is saying they don't make exciting budget cars anymore, then I'd argue that they never did. If you are saying that they make neither budget nor exciting cars anymore then I'd point you to the Lexus LFA (wonder what that stands for?) for exciting, for budget? Whose budget? ;)

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Toyota will give back the #1 crown this year. GM is better positioned in china and the us.

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hokkaidoguy: I think you're onto something there.

But even if the perceived value drops, and people realize the reality that Toyota cars have always been and still are not much different than other brands, Toyota just sells them them better. Don't underestimate the power of dealer networks.

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LOL, I remember shopping for a car back in the late 80's and walking into a Honda dealership. The first thing the salesman does after sitting me in his office is point out the six "Salesman of the Month" awards he had on his wall. He didn't like it when I pointed out that those awards are usually given for bringing in the most revenue for the month (meaning he took the most out of his customer's wallets for that month compared to the other salesmen).

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