Even for a limited nuclear deal, N Korea may settle for nothing less than sanctions relief

By Josh Smith

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NK has been building nukes for 20+ yrs. Why? They've promised to stop, but didn't numerous times. They've broken many agreements, so why should the world believe them this time?

The world wants NK to be open, prosperous, democratic, and for the people to be free to travel and see their families where ever they may be and to host their families from SK.

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The US also broke numerous agreements with North Korea so why should they believe the Americans? It's a two-way street but the US simply makes demands without offering any incentives.

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With or without sanctions, the US is determined to topple NK. Iran had an agreement with the US and other nations about not having nuclear weapons and the US withdrew from the agreement and placed more sanctions on Iran; so what is going to be different for NK.

NK needs to maintain its nuclear deterrence program as it is the only way they are going to prevent a repeat of Iraq - a US led invasion. It is not just nuclear weapons that the US want NK to give up but all defence. US foreign policy is to disarm all nations that it cannot control, that will not become subservient to Washington. NK, keep your program and your sovereignty.

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The treaty with Iran that Trump unilaterally abrogated would look great if it were made with NK. Having a man-child in the White House definitely has its downside.

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The aim of Kim Jong-un is to keep his nuclear weapons, have the sanctions lifted and be the dictator of a united Korea. That much has never changed since he became the leader.

His own people have criticized the dictator for meeting Trump on the DMZ. He will be looking at Iran which made a nuclear deal in 2015 and one which Trump signed every 90 days before ending American agreement.

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