Musk's defamation win may reset legal landscape for social media

By Tom Hals

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Musk's nothing more than a Science Trump, a bully and snake-oil salesman profiting at the Amerian taxpayers expense.

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Musk won because his attorney eviscerated the plaintiff's claims. The plaintiff was interviewed on CNN, disparaged Musk's rescue plans (calling them a PR stunt), and told Musk to stick his rescue machine "where it hurts." However, he claims not to have known that CNN was a major worldwide network. The plaintiff claimed reputational damages, but was honored by the English prime minister and the Thai royal family -- which would not have happened if anyone truly thought he was a "pedo guy." He also was caught calling the Thai Navy seals who actually did the rescuing (and lost one of their men in the process) "buffalos" -- a slang term in Thai for "stupid." The jury took only an hour to unanimously find in Musk's favor.

Read this article to know more:

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Musk should've got something held against him because he made baseless claims in a way that made them seem authentic. He's essentially made it open season to call anyone anything, including himself....

Let's all @ him on twitter calling him a pedo guy and eventually #metoo will get him

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Keep in mind that Musk was only interested in the publicity, pushing his guy on the spot to be sure he got mentioned in the media.

While that's forgivable, a billionaire celebrity who manages multiple billions in investors' funds going out of his way to publicly call an ordinary working guy a pedo is not. This is an abuse of privilege of the sort that will lead to eventual public backlash against all wealth, no matter how decent the people may be.

Moreover, anyone with brains is taking their money out of a company run by a nutter like this. He will crash and burn. He will come to rest with a few billion dollars of course - but his investors will be screwed.

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His money and privelege got him a win. Had it been the other way around, the outcome would have been different.

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