Remember Nixon? There's history behind Trump's press attacks


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“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

Hear, hear!


Thomas Jefferson (as a politician) railed against newspapers as “polluted vehicles” of falsehood and error.

Glad to see the Jefferson info; he said that more than 200 years ago. It should show those who attack the media that people have long distrusted it. No doubt people who disparage today’s media, especially those who use the pejorative MSM, will claim that six corporations control about 90% of US mass media. That’s true and it’s worrisome. But it ignores the fact that Americans today have more choices of where to get their news than any time in history, thanks to the internet.

People who want a free press need to fight to keep it free. Trump and his minions want to have more control over US media; he seems to want to have control over the media like Putin has in Russia. Trump wants to undermine a free press and he’s getting his followers to help him by constantly assailing outlets that report things differently from how he wants.

That there is bias in how information is presented by US media is a reality and has always been so. Americans who complain about their own media should look at countries like Russia where ‘main stream media’ is controlled by the state. Opposition is allowed, but it’s been marginalized and struggles to compete with outlets controlled and funded by the state.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh complained of irresponsible insinuations and accused the president and liberals of trying to foment “national hysteria.”

That is rich. Shock jock Limbaugh, the hysteria-meister himself, a long-time creator of fake news, a man unafraid to flat out lie, a man who’s made a fortune rabble-rousing the ruck, complaining of irresponsible insinuations.

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and look what happened to Nixon! Trump will be impeached sooner or later and it may well be for something that hasn't even come out yet.

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Our current "Toddler-in Chief" is an embarrassment ! Flat out embarrassment ! Period. Acts EXACTLY like a third-grader !

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Trump will win this fight, just like he won the nomination.

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I remember Nixon. I also remember how the press hated him with a passion and skewed its reporting relentlessly. The same thing is happening today now that King Obama is gone. The media in America is overwhelmingly leftwing and has launched nothing less than a full attack on our president. And they are very upset that he isn't lying down and taking it like the Republicans they are used to dealing with.

Bringing up similarities with Nixon and not seeing the siliarities with the nasty attitude of the press at that time shows this author's bias.

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@ralphdu I also remember how the press hated him with a passion and skewed its reporting relentlessly.

Are you referring to the press truthfully informing the public that the US - at the request of President Nixon - was dropping bombs on Cambodia and Laos from B52s while Nixon and his admin were lying about it? Nixon and the Department of Defense were skewing the truth and the press reported the truth.

What about Watergate? Should the press have covered up his lies, or reported them?

Personally I'm glad there are those in the press with a 'nasty attitude'. Better to have a press that provides lots of perspectives for people willing to find the truth for themselves than let a despot lie to his country.

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