Republican race about who's out, not in


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Former Sen Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and Texas Rep Ron Paul already are in the mix, and others could be soon.

ricky santorum went on record that john McCain doesn 't really know how EI works. A McCain aide, Mark Salter, responded on Facebook, saying, "For pure, blind stupidity, nobody beats Santorum. In my 20 years in the Senate, I never met a dumber member, which he reminded me of today," MSNBC reported.

Circular firing squad. Me likey.


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The Dream Ticket: John McCain and Bob Dole, tan, rested, and ready.

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It should be noted that Obama and Clinton were relative unknowns to the American public when they began their primaries. Getting no-win big names like Huckabee, Trump and Gingrich out early clears the way for a high caliber leader to rise. Something the U.S. hasn't seen since Reagan.

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Sarah Palin?

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Huckabee, Gingrich, Barbour and (especially) Christie are all candidates for The Biggest Loser.

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Huckabee, Gingrich, Barbour and (especially) Christie are all candidates for The Biggest Loser

So is Kloppenberg.Third recount totals in and Prosser again victorious.

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Divisive Republican rhetoric comes home to roost.

Get together a religion coalition. Try to rile up the tea party types based on a very tepid budget attempt this go round. Yammer incessantly about abortion maybe? Hope for a worse economy or a war?

The Reps know the momentum is against them. Palin and Trump and Beck cannot find anything but quicksand.

With Osama gone, birthers routed, and no really bad news, I say Obama holds the center, and the GOP is in NO position to assail the center.

I remember people saying that Newt is the brains of the GOP. Vision, verve, and more dumped wives in hospitals than John McCain. He can't make it.

I think it is over. Corporate America got what it wanted. No reason to rock the boat now. Obama can coast.

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Lieberman2012, you're a cheesehead? Good old Waukesha county carried Prosser--feel free to explain to 90% of the people on this board who you're talking about.

If you're counting on Wisconsin to decide a national election next year, let's first see how the record number of recalls of state senators turn out this year.

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Lieberman2012, you're a cheesehead?

No, just your average Roy Cohn-style fraud reaching for anything to defend his Republicans.

I remember people saying that Newt is the brains of the GOP.

Yeah. "Eviscerated" by his own brilliance [sic].

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Wow, the current group of sad sacks and losers does not reflect well on the GOP. It will be 96 all over again.

The first week of the Newt campaign proved that the brains of the GOP is really stupid. He is all but done now. Expect him to pull out in a few months when his only supporters are his many ex-wife crew due to alimony payments.

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Presidents running for a second term have to run on their records.

Obama's only real achievement is the extrajudicial assassination of Osama bin Laden - impossible without the intel extracted by enhanced interrogation OK'd by Bush.

I supppose if you a true believer the day he finally produced his birth certificate is also major feat, but since the rest of us have to do it when enrolling a child in the natioanlized health care they forced on us only a fool would crow about it.

I won't mention the thousands of ObamaCare waivers being awarded to favored companies and Congressional districts, shameful signs of monstrous bad faith ...

Eighteen months is just too long a time in American politics.

And no one in their right mind will again be talking about a "Summer of Recovery."

In fact, I predict that events this summer change everything.The media can only distort and dress up the malaise so much.

If Obama is lucky an imploding economy will be his only worry.

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"If Obama is lucky an imploding economy will be his only worry"

How could the economy implode with Obama in the White House and the Democrats in control of the Senate?

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Add Jane Corwin to the list of Biggest Losers. New York's 26th congressional district has been solid Republican since nearly forever. Way to go, Congresswoman Hochul and Democrats!

Hopefully, JT will pick up on this seismic political event, which has all Republican challengers thinking how monumentally their party just screwed up.

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