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Republicanism wanes as queen heads to Australia


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@Borat - inappropriate and unnecessary.

I'll have to ask some of the young people I work with what they think about the Queen's visit. I don't think it's true to say that "republicanism" has waned, but I do think that people have realised that there's more important things to worry about than whether the Queen is the ceremonial head of state or not. Australian's were given an opportunity to make Australia a republic, but weren't given the option of being able to vote for the head of state. It's not strictly true to say that Australia became independent in 1901. Australia because a federated Commonwealth in 1901. True independence happened in 1986 with the Australia Act which prevented the UK from creating or changing laws in Australia. (http://www.aph.gov.au/library/pubs/chron/1999-2000/2000chr01.htm) The Queen is in Oz to open CHOGM. If people enjoy her visit and she enjoys her visit I don't see any harm in that. She and the UK government don't have any control over Australian laws anymore, so I don't personally see why any "fitful starts toward a republic" are necessary. Why change an independent system of government that already works?

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harper - sorry for my inappropriate comment. It should just be off with Philip's head - the Queen is alright.

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Off with their heads!

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The sooner nz and aussie get rid of the monarchy the better, nz will have issues with radical maori though when the royals are no longer involved as the monarchy (the crown) is repsonsible for the treaty of waitangi.

I say dont play to these poncey prats dumb the monarchy and move forward.

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