Republicans dropping Trump must answer: Why now?


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Republicans only respect power and money and bullies. They are reaping what they have sown.

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Republicans have an amazing ability to hide from the truth. They have nominated a monster and now they cannot hide from it any longer. True, many, many of Trump supports are even worse then Trump. HRC's so called basket of deplorables. But some are not as immoral as Trump, not as racist, not as stupid, not as big a loser as he is. I guess that crowd is waking up now to the fact that they were horribly wrong to support a sociopath con man. Reality, welcome to the world we liberals live in everyday.

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Trump said nothing wrong, especially when he said he did not get the woman he was after. That is the power women have. Humans are sexual creatures and think sexually all the time.

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DUMP TRUMP ! ! ! Go Hillary ! 1/20/17 - "Madame President" !

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Kurobune. Are you a supporter of Yamato City Amari-kun?

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Here is something to think about. The Republicans were perfectly content with Trump's racism, sexism and lies. It took a 2005 tape of Trump talking about having the power to grab lady parts as a celebrity to finally scare droves of loyal Republicans away from him. So was all else that was gross and disgusting about Trump really all right with these Republicans?

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As a Republican who has never supported Trump or any of the other no nothings that were candidates, all I can say is, if I could see he was not fit for purpose, why couldn't these politicians.

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Won't drop out. Media outlets (usually leaning 4'the Democrats) are not coming out that HRC was a decisive winner in 2nd debate. Audience included Bill Clinton. Debate left him squirming.

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"Madame President"

Maybe in 2021 if Ivanaka runs after 4 years of Donald.

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Why now? Well, why not? Any time is a good time to DUMP TRUMP!

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Remember when the Republican party was the party of Lincoln? He's rolling over in his grave, jumping out ranting and raving then banging his skull against the cemetery gates. The current Republican party is too rich white old men establishment politics catering to other rich old white men, and is crushing under the weight of it's own hubris... that it created. While the Dems are only a bit better than that.

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While the Dems are only a bit better than that.

False equivalency. The Dems are way better in that they live in reality while Repubs live in a make believe world of lies and spin. That is why Trump is the nominee. He is the perfect leaders for a train-wreck republican party.

Evidence, look at states with Dem leadership like CA, booming, and then look at Kansai or LA under Repub leadership, stagnation and massive debt. States run by Repugs are failing behind, states run by Dems are booming. USA could be that way as well but power must be consolidated for it to happen. As long as Repubs have power things in government fail. They are experts at failing, such as wars, budgets, healthcare, education, climate change, and on and on and on. And they let terrorist attack the USA like Bush did on 9-11. Has not happened under Obama, in fact he got OBL where as Bush let him go.

So, no Dems are not a bit better. They are a whole lot better at running government. Last time budget was balanced, under a Democrat.

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