Romney departure resets 2016 Republican field


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It'll be Bush vs. Clinton again.

The White House seems to be a family affair.

We the People..... Ya right

Anyone can become president... Gimme a break

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Let us see the facts here... why Romney had a strong reason to quit.

The Koch brothers and 30 other of the richest americans got together and came up with 890 Million Dollars, which they will be spending on the republican candidate, who has the best chance of winning. In a telephone call Romney was told that he is not the one that will be supported and AFTER that he made the annoubcement not to run.

This story and more details, should you want thenm, can be had on US news

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Only 21 months to go so the US Presidential election reporting has started. Time for Japan to fit in another couple of elections before the US goes to the polls.

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I hope one of the wackos like Palin, Huckabee or Santorum make it to become the Rep candidate. It would make for great entertainment and then it would be a walkover for the Democrats. I'd also love Bobby Jindal to have a shot - I love listening to his story-telling speeches!

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Personally, i hope Sarah Palin runs for president. I can only picture a sad rehash of Obama in Mrs. Clinton if shes elected.

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This right now opens the door for the likes of Scott Walker, Ted Cruz or even Sarah Palin.

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Great news...

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