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Climate change targets are slipping out of reach

By John Kemp

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It's all a load of Bollox anyway

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Clearly by this point nothing will change: almost no one in rich countries is willing to give up their standard of life [cheap air travel, endless consumer goods, meat-heavy diets, heating/AC set exactly where you want it, large comfortable cars/trucks] for an uncertain benefit at some point in the future.

Everyone in poor countries sees the carbon-heavy lifestyles of the rich and wants that for themselves.

And at the same time there are plenty of the people like the poster above who are perfectly content to put their heads in the sand until it is too late.

The time for prevention has all but passed; it's time to start thinking and preparing for how we will live in this new world.

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Groups like Friends of the Earth were speaking out about these issues from the late 1960's but no government listen. Now we are at the moment of too little, too late.

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