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Learning to live with coronavirus in our midst

By John Kemp

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The Spring and Summer sunshine will kill this thing.

Look at the Southern Hemisphere, they only have a handful of cases.

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I so wish we had competent leadership in Washington.

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It is time that people around the world know , which country started this virus and fully responsible, surely , it is not China. Who wants half its trade blocked and all people hating them for it ???. It is country that needs money from other countries because in time of peace, that country cannot sells arms and be called big brother. But this time, it is an unforgivable crime and the world cannot forgive , weather have nothing to do with it. There are only 2 countries in Asia that can say NO, one is China and the other is Singapore. Greed have a lot to do with it. Pls wake up Japan. Only fools belive that a country as huge as ..................have only one case so far ???.

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Burning Bush ,Denial is not a river in Africa,it do not matter what season it if you are exposed, is is cold in Nigeria ,they have one case

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A very clear-headed and reasonable article, pointing out as it does that the current coronavirus is really little different to an average influenza outbreak, at least on the evidence so far.

Not surprising, then, that it’s attracted so few comments, what with so many people opting to hit the panic button, with all the adverse consequences that brings on.

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We already have panic buying. Yesterday in the stores my wife said there were less produce.

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Looking at the number of cases it is most likely so.

The article states little fact on how we might stay safe from the virus and this is the crux of the matter of ‘living with the virus’

Staying away from others is the best way, yet no government suggests that the morning and evening overcrowded commutes be stopped.

Avoiding infection is impossible so the virus will spread-that is life...

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