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S Korea-Japan flare-up a setback for U.S.


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All I see is the U.S. will selfishly use South Korea and Japan to help contain China.

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Honestly, I think Diaoyutai belongs to Taiwan and Dokdo belongs to South Korea. But strategically for the U.S., it is better to have Diaoyutai in the hands of Japan to control the seas there. As for Dokdo, the U.S. just wants to "stay out" of it.

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I do not see South Korea or Japan containing China..nor do I see the U.S. using them. If anything were to ever happen Japan & South Korea will have little to no warning should some nut job push a button. Knowing that the U.S. will come to aid of those countries is somewhat of a deterent but not much. Theoretically - if China & Russia were ever to work together in a military launch I really doubt there is anything Japan - South Korea & the U.S. could do. The only winning move is not to play. "War Games"

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John Constantine writes above: The only winning move is not to play "War Games."

Well, here at the Korean Embassy in Tokyo, the rightists are playing "Noise Games." They started at 8 a.m. today (Wednesday) and continued until mid-afternoon noisily protesting South Korea's antics over the disputed islands. When I checked on the activity at the Embassy, there were several loudspeaker-equipped rightists vehicles near the Embassy itself, and at the Yotsuya 3-chome crossing I counted at least 15 such vehicles stuck in the middle of the intersection, blocking traffic in all directions. And among those riding in those vehicles were women, probably in their 20s. It was like a three-ring circus ... with lots of noise.

Question for those of you in the Osaka area: are the rightists bombarding the Korean consulate there with noise, too? The consulate there is located in the Nanba area, near Dotonbori Bridge. And how about at the other Korean consulates here in Japan? Any noise there, too? Just curious. The Japanese press seems to be ignoring all this "noise."

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