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Scarier than fiction: Climate worry driving 'cli-fi' boom


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If we are going to keep Earth habitable, we are going to have to be pro-active. The first thing we need to do is kick out of office every politician who works for the fossil fuel industries instead of working for the people. Trump pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement will not do.

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This is nothing new. I remember these crap 'disaster/apocalypse' TV films of the 70s. And all them chintzy 'Antichrist' movies too, and the ones where technology 'gets control of all our lives' and we live in a dystopian world with lovely young ladies wearing sexy jumpsuits (a cliché of the period).

Then there were CGI - made flicks in the 90s like 'Twister' which were also just cliché-ridden bores.

And now the term is 'cli-fi'. More like 'old hat'. Uh, don't the presses. Keep on moving.

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The Dan Bloom mentioned in the 7th paragraph is me, who lived in Tokyo for 5 years in the 1990s. The reporter interviewed me for 30 minutes by phone 2 weeks ago for this story about cli-fi, a term I coined in 2011 as a wake up call for novelists and headline writers. My website is at "The Cli-fi Report" on Google. Not everybody likes the term and 99 percent have never heard of it.

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