Security subplots at APEC highlight China's growing might


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"Medvedev told him the island was Russian territory, and he reserves the right to go there whenever he wants.

“Our Japanese colleagues, I hope, will adopt a more appropriate attitude toward this,” said Medvedev’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov."

No dispute here.

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will adopt a more appropriate attitude toward this LOL Is it true that Russia and Japan still haven't signed peace treaty?

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Interesting times...russia only understands brute force and the chinese dont even understand that...Japan will be colonised by chinese people step by step, and in the meantime the nationalists in Japan will push for nuclear armament as their last chance to hold back the other 2 giants.they might just get it too.

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Japan should learn that when you dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

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Sometimes I just don't get Japan. They have the worlds 3rd largest economy, an advanced military, and enough money to handle any situation. You can talk about China's rise but we aren't comparing China to Vietnam. Sometimes I think other countries do things like this to Japan because they know Japan won't act, not because they don't have the capability to act. In all reality it's in Japan's best interests to play hardball with China to coax China into overreacting and scaring other Asian neighbors. As the article says it's already making people run back to the US for cover. Japan's refusal to be any kind of leader in Asia is biting them in the ass right now.

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I disagree,Super, I am sure Japan knows what it is doing, the Japan-USA alliance is a must. So Mr.Obama and who ever is the Japanese primeminister, now Kan etc..but they just change so often, will have the same concerns for the short term, how to deal with a stronger China, what do do about a collapsing North Korea, and those pesky island problems with both China and Russia.

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From the outsider's point of view; Japan vs. Russia on the north and Japan vs China on the south, WHEW!. . . . . Are you really this gracious? WAKE UP JAPAN!

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Both China and Japan are independent powerful countries. Why Japan needs third party to meddle it's own business? Have you ever heard any Western country ask for Asian country to intervene their business? Are the Asian people the inferior lots just like the westerners want to believe? Have you ever read the book by Gore Vidal? Wake up, Japan!

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