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Should naked photo hacking be considered a sex crime?


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No, don't be ridiculous.

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One of the selling points about Cloud was it was a safe pace to store you info ration safely. Well it would appear its security leave much to be desired.

As to nude picture one stores them at one's risk. Look at teenagers sex texting not realizing that this could coe bad to d the had even years later.

Personally I nothing wrong with nude picture sex or even porn.It is part of being human and a rather enjoyable part. As long as it is voluntary and between adults, even between teenagers I have no problem. Now forcing it in any way is wrong, a form of rape. This includes drugging a person or taking advantage of someone drunk. Adults should not be having sex with teenagers or children. No must be seen as "don't even try." Boys and men just take responsibility for what they do or don't do. Stop looking for excuses to justify bad behavior.

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The cloud is not the problem, apple has pathetic security, you just ring up apple and say "I lost my password" and they ask you a personal question that any celebrity has posted all over the internet.

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I might sound like a complete d-bag for saying this, but how about you don't store your nude photos online? Hackers can't steal something they don't have access to. USB, Portable hard drive, something like this would be smarter than an online file storage service.

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Theft? Sure. Invasion of privacy? Sure. Sex crime? No.

Here's a little hint to those who don't want naked pictures of themselves all over the the internet... DO NOT TAKE NAKED PICTURES!!

But this is kindof missing the issue. These celebrities are complete narcissists. They take pictures because they like to see themselves. They email the pictures without even basic precautions like encrypting the file because they LIKE the attention.

The majority of these "leaks" are not from cracked email accounts and "hackers" (a word the media loves so much but has no clue about), but rather simply good old-fashioned betrayals of trust by those they send the photos to.

And the bottom line here is that if they're sending naked pictures to people you can't trust then the problem isn't with the law or with "hackers"... the problem is with THEM.

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A little ironic that those complaining about the thefts of their own 'nude' selfies spend most of their lives in front of cameras, manipulating, posing and pushing the boundaries of decency in what can be shown in public and what cannot, in attempts to boost their public profiles, increase sales or counter poor ratings. Now they have free publicity and they are complaining!

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Nope. Crime maybe. Slebs who take nude pics run the risk of having them stolen however they are stored. Putting them in the cloud just heightens that risk

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Right, so we all agree its not a sex crime.

Now can we have a thread on who's photos we liked the best?

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no, not a crime at all to be exact, its public information and should be freely available!

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Sex crime? No. A crime? Depends on the hacking laws in general. These people ought to know better than take and especially keep nude photos on their phones or easily accessible computers.

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"Sex crime" is just used as an excuse to throw out regulations against cruel and unusual punishment. So nothing should be a considered a sex crime, just a crime.

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Didn't something very similar like this happen in Hong Kong about 10 years ago... The believe the actor went into hiding....

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No, for the love of Pete. If it involves taking something that belongs to someone else without permission, then that's a crime. How severe depands on the usual, value, damages incurred, how it was obtained.

But "sex crime?" That's absurd. It belittles the real meaning of the word for real victims of actual sex crimes.

Alex Einz,

no, not a crime at all to be exact, its public information and should be freely available!

Please explain how an object, be it a nude digital photograph or analog, stored in a secure location, the Cloud or a bank vault, with restricted access, either a password or a combination lock, is public information that should be freely available?

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Jellois: Didn't something very similar like this happen in Hong Kong about 10 years ago... The believe the actor went into hiding....

It was Edison Chen! He was in the live action Initial D version shot by HK film company in 2005.

But the scandal was in 2008 :(. He's got a few roles since but don't know how strong the roles or movies.


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Why do these celebrity dimwits put naked pictures in the cloud anyway? Or, for that matter, why do they take them in the first place? The whole thing just sounds like a big "throw me in the Briar`s patch" to me. Naked celebrity photos.... yeah, something completely unheard of.... yawn.

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And mean while in the REAL world this kind of thing happens to regular people & they can do what about................. ah pretty much nothing.

These celebs are so full of themselves they only have themselves to blame

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Why do these celebrity dimwits put naked pictures in the cloud anyway?

From what I understand, you don't really have a choice. At least not with the iPhone. The iPhone automatically uploads photos, music, the apps you've download, pretty much everything content-wise on the iPhone to the user's Cloud account in order to make it available across all Apple devices that they user might own, and to facilitate a backup in case your phone gets wiped for some reason. I would imagine there must be some way to stop this data from automatically being uploaded to the Cloud with the iPhone, but I don't don't own an iPhone, so I have no idea.

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" From what I understand, you don't really have a choice. At least not with the iPhone. "

OK, so why do they keep naked photos on their iphone? I don´t. Do you?

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@LFR - no you can select not to upload to My Photo Stream in the settings on your iPhone - very easy to do.

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so is this a sex crime when it's happening to "normal" people??? why bring up these issues now when it involves famous people. there's was already a problem with this!!!

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I suppose I should write all my passwords and bank account PINs on printed-out naked pictures of myself. If anyone uses them to access my account and steal all my money, they'll be punished more for seeing the picture than they will for stealing my savings!

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It can be considered sex crime if the criminal sending the pictures wants to poke humiliation of the victim or wants to get money from the victim. Hackers can do the same, but they know they put in jeopardy if they try at least to contact their victims, indeed the hacker wanted money but also show to the world the flaws in security a lot of people have, being sure that someone can win an Oscar but maybe not know how to put a secure password in the internet, where the flaws in security can put you naked in front of hackers.

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"naked photo hacking"

Some people have too much time on their hands.

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A fundamental point that folks need to keep in mind with Cloud technologies is that you are trusting another entity to store and safeguard your data. Whether it be grandma's cookie recipe or yes even naked photos. As much as possible folks should keep personal items on their own systems. If it leaves a machine that is not under your control then you run the risk of your data being compromised.

Like it or not if you deposit money in a bank you are trusting that bank to safeguard your money. Perhaps if cloud storage had an insurance system that compensated you for your loss it may be an option but in the case of banks the FDIC is a government created entity that insures the amount of money you put in up to 150K or 250K.

But even that is a stretch to far and I don't want the government getting into insuring what "personal" data means to its citizens.

Bottom line is that with companies that offer cloud storage, there is no insurance (or assurance for that matter) if your data is lost or stolen.

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zichi, wanderlust,

Thanks for that. Like I said, I imagined there being some way to turn it off, but since I don't own an iPhone, I wasn't aware of how.

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All these celebrity Space Cadets should really get over themselves-there's no sex involved but only $$$$ and to these showbiz folk ,the real concern is sexy pictures that haven't been paid for!

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