Should the international community protect the Amazon?


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The Amazon is being burned only after it has first been chopped down and allowed to dry out. Burning the dead forest is seen as the most efficient way to clear the land for agriculture and cattle farming. How can the international community reverse the decisions of the Brazilian government, without violating Brazilian sovereignty?

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@1glenn are you dense? the amazon forest provides support to the entire earth's climate. What happens to it affects ALL of us. It's he, the very corrupt leader of brazil that are violating international sovereignty by intentionally destroying it, year after year, despite receiving financial support from many countries that are intended as a bribe to stop what he's doing.

If you ask me, he should be buried alive.

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Pointing out the difficulty in stopping the intentional destruction of the Amazon rain forest is not the same thing as condoning it.

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The Amazon are the oxygen reserves of the entire world so of course the international community should go to great lenghts in order to save it.

Preferably in consensus with the Brazilian government but if there is no other possibility then without the aid and approval of president Jair Bolsonaro.

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The rich countries need to pay $50 billion per year to turn the Amazon into an international reserve managed by the UN.

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As 1glenn said, The current brazilian government is burning the dead forest as a way to clear the land for agriculture and cattle farming.

And that is not the only reason why Bolsonaro doesn't want to fires to be stopped, there are also minerals down there, that now, can be more easily exploted whitout all those trees over there. Sad but true.

An as Brazil is "his country", nobody can do anything about it.

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