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How China is replacing America as Asia's military titan

By David Lague and Benjamin Kang Lim

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A dictatorship does not last forever. It will fall soon or later.

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After WWII, most nations of the world gave the US the opportunity to be the leader of the democratic world. The nations of the world put a lot of trust in the US and assumed that it would work for the benefit of the globe. It has now obvious that this trust was misplaced and that democracy to the US means America First (and to hell to the rest). In the past 70 years the US has caused nothing but misery and death, not only to its foes but to its allies. In its constant march for world domination, world supremacy and dictatorship, the US has been the cause of millions of deaths and the destabilisation of the globe. Instead of respecting other nations, the US has sought to exploit them in its quest to impress its own version of democracy which is do as I say and not as I do. Many nations have surrendered their sovereignty by appeasing the US and following it in many wars solely to support US imperialism and dictatorship. It is now time for these nations to let the US know it is PART of the globe, not its master. Maybe China and Russia can help the US come to its sences.

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I'm wondering when the Chinese People's Liberation will happen?

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The only problem with China is that its leadership is an oppressive dictatorship with delusions of grandeur and a penchant for stealing other people’s freedom and property.

Other than that it’s fine.

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Everything China has came literally right off the blueprints from American computers in the Pentagon, so at best they have the same tech as the US with soldiers who've never used it.

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Compare the number of military disputes/wars over the last 100 years that have involved China with those that have involved the US. Compare how many governments of other nations have been  overtly/covertly overthrown by China with those of the US. Compare haw many nations China has placed economic sanctions with those of the US. Compare how many military basis around the world China has with the US. Compare how many military operations China has conducted off the coast of the US with the number of military operations the US has conducted off the coast of China. This leads to only one conclusion; the US is the most warmongering nation in the past 100 years, the US is the cause of global instability. It is time the nations of the globe but the US on notice, time they regained their sovereignty.

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China has been adopting U.S. military philosophy, strategy and tactics for the last 15 years.

Their training, teaching and military science has been based on the U.S. military science for that long. Think about that for a minute.

I first learned of this reading Air Force Magazine, which is the official magazine of and by, the U.S. Air Force. This was their analysis with no sugar coating. And that was ten years ago.

Be very afraid of China. They are not playing a game.

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US guys at the office say that the US has to get its act together.  They say very few people who want to join the US military are qualified: they are too fat, can't read, have body tattoos, etc.  And this is even after lowering the standards.  They also say the US has not won a war since they defeated us in 1945.  I guess it's true.

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China is strong enough to disobey Washington has in the sanctions with Iranian oil which it will continue to import regardless of what Trump does.

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"In the final analysis, it is for the people of Asia to run the affairs of Asia, solve the problems of Asia and uphold the security of Asia," 

The people of Asia wouldn't have a problem with this if China wasn't a totalitarian dictatorship hell bent on strategic and economic regional domination.

Xi, state media reported, told officers to concentrate on "preparing for war and combat."

What a pleasant country.

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