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How Japan turned against its 'bazooka'-wielding BOJ chief

By Leika Kihara

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The buck should stop with Abe but they are throwing Kuroda under the bus to save Shin kun. Abe really can get away with anything here, the teflon don.

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There won't be inflation without demand. Just buying up worthless government debt, as Kuroda has done, won't achieve anything, apart from make the BOJ insolvent.

Wages need to go up, not down. The minimum wage should be increased to at least Y1000 per hour across the country. Taxes should be reduced on salaries and increased on companies that hoard their record profits. Every minute of overtime worked should be paid for.

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I fear this going to be a hard landing..of course. Playing games for decades, not accepting the inevitable, can only make things worse. We have the G20, then the Rugby cup in a few months, then the Olympics. These are great revenue makers. Then what? It has been tourism alone since Abe took office that has given Japan a little bit of a life line. Other social problems compound Kuroda’s mishandling of the economy.

No matter how i look at it, I see the only hope for the economy is with foreigners, whether tourism, labor, or whatever. We’re at the doorstep of a major economic collapse. China next door won’t be able to help with all its own economic problems, mirroring Japan’s in many ways. Printing money, lowering interest rates, etc. is a nationalistic idea, not economic. I wonder what the best economic minds are thinking of. The world’s third largest economy falling will definitely ruin an otherwise good day.

Foreigners, welcome.

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People forget past achievements. Japan is that kind of country. Lets see who can do better ???.Name yr next person in place.

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