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Sports writers could ditch the 'clown questions'

By Nicole Kraft

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Reporters ARE clowns who tradeoff sensibility for sensationalism.

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I know only about tennis, but there are youtube clips with the most idiotic questions players got.

"Congratulations / Did you watch the match, I lost!" is the top on my list.

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There are no "stupid" questions, only "stupid" people.

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Some of the trouble is many of the sportswriters don't know enough about the sport they are covering so they cannot ask pertinent game- or match-related questions.

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Answering questions from reporters is so tough that it should be considered a separate game altogether.

I sympathize with the athletes who do not know how to answer dumb questions tactfully.

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i prepare my athletes to enjoy press conferences as the beginning of relaxation time after their event( depending if they have shower before or after. If after its the 2nd relaxation moment.

truth is, with a little bit of good management the athlete is always in control and can ignore, laugh off, or turn any question on the journalist. If an athlete is not comfortable at a press conference he must fire his agent.

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Just what do you want from an interview following a Sporting event ? It's rather diabolical, consider how it could go:

Reporter to Winner: Any words for your opponent ?

Winning Player: LOOSER ! I Won, ha ha! You s**k, give up the game.

> Reporter to Looser: Do you have anything to say ?

Loosing Player: Sobbing... I go finish myself off, no point continuing... thank you for your support.

> Reporter: Well Viewers, there you have it another one bites the dust, and you heard it here first! Continue to subscribe for all the best in-your-face reporting available. Channel XYZ news.

You may as well start reporting on eGaming events, as ... actually, it's a bit like that between the Players.

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Hey, why not also, interview Kids after they've just sat an exam, and then when they've just received their results... would that be Palatable ?

My point, these types of interviews are like Vulture events... lousy reporters circling around, looking for a bite that will keep them going 'till the next one.

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