Supreme Court to consider giving First Amendment protections to social media posts

By Lynn Greenky

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I'm nearly a free speech absolutest but even I don't want popular sites to be cesspools of misinformation.

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The case you may want to follow is Murthy v. Missouri. SCOTUS docket 23-411. The court has agreed to take this case involving constitutional challenges to the Biden administration’s efforts to communicate with social media companies about their content moderation policies. The WH argues that it is seeking only to mitigate hazards of online misinformation by flagging content that violates the social media platforms’ policies. But two states and several individuals contend that the government coerced, threatened, and pressured social-media platforms to censor many, including them, in violation of the First Amendment. A stay imposed by the district court, as amended by the court of appeals, was stayed (with three justices dissenting) pending consideration of the case.

The other case worth watching - that apparently didn’t make it into this piece - is Speech First, Inc. v. Sands. SCOTUS docket 23-156. That twice now has been distributed for conference since the start of the session. And attempts to answer whether a university bias-response teams, an official entity that solicits, tracks, and investigate reports of bias, and who asks to meet with alleged perpetrators, and subsequently threatens those students with formal discipline, results in pressure and intimidation behind the policy, thus chilling speech. Since there is a 3-2 split between the circuits over the student’s standing, and whether this is moot, this will be an interesting one to watch, not only for the suppression of speech issue, but also for those who watch mootness and Musingwear vacaturs.

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Sure, why not. When allowing Social Media posts, there should be a ratings system associated with such posts and contributors such as there is with Movies. People who simply provide general unoffensive information would have a "U" rating, and from there, the ratings would go up, as too the inability to view those unless explicitly permissioned by your account.

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Yeah, and corporations are people. If anything changes, TokyoOldMan has a great idea. A rating systems would be about like movie ratings. The ranting and endless arguments between people here on JT is an example of how a rating system might be useful.

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