The art of hyperbole: Trump's got it down pat


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Just a failed opposition view... going behind for a personal attack. One sided sarcastic view. We like to hear both good and bad. Here only speak one side. Is this journalism? or business!!

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LOL, President Trump just humiliated the mainstream media with his Turkey-Syria ceasefire victory and this is all they can come up with in response. Trump keeps winning and they keep losing.

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cla68 well said. Trump is keep winning. He will have land slide victory in 2020. Leaving cry and tears for the so called media and haters. See the large come out for his rallies each cities .. unbelievable. He knows how to handle the demos and leftists communists.

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 Turkey-Syria ceasefire victory and this is all they can come up with in response.

seems like the ceasefire isnt holding , Erdogan took offence to Trumps letter. winning!? Trump cant seem to win anything. 1000s of dead Kurds blood on his hands , but its fine because it isnt American blood.

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Copyright 2019 The Associated Press.

Oh good grief.

The art of hyperbole: Trump's got it down pat

Just change "hyperbole" to winning. There, fixed it for you, AP.

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The Turkey Russia arrangement where our Kurdish allies have five days to leave their homes before Turkey invades and Russia gains enormous influence in the region is not a victory unless your name is Vlad. Traitor Trump talks trash.

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The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria after 10 years when they were supposed to be there for only a month is a good thing for the U.S., Farmboy. If that makes Vlad happy, so be it.

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The troops are all, every one of them, moving to Iraq, where they will be doing more fighting. Allies were betrayed and reputations diminished with no advantage for the US. The problem is the nut at the wheel.

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The current occupant of the White House and chief purveyor of fake news, misinformation and disinformation is all about “himself” ... period.

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trump is the trumpet, that all to it. All talk and no positive results except for himself.

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