The challenge in Copenhagen: reshaping the world


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If every building has the green(plants) on the roofs, many environmental problems of accumulated heating will be resolved and the city much beautiful. Human CO2 emission is quite nothing from the vast ones from the nature, especially from the ocean. More than that, why not to have more (world) budges to increase green in the big cities?

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shift wealth from rich to poor countries in the process

This is the the REAL story; world socialism in the name of "saving the planet". FEAR! What a great scam! Just another global bailout for the bankers and corporations to shift industrial production to the third world. They don't give a f#%$ about global warming, only global domination.

Shift wealth my A$$!

Let the carbon tax crusaders just print more monopoly money to give away! Stop stealing from us!

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While others have to cut this cut that in emission control,transferring wealth from rich to poor whatever, China only has to IMPROVE its renewable energy use and efficiency in production. In fact China position is the only one that makes any sense to me. I wish Australia could do just the same.

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I trust that the 160 MB of climate data fake e-mails recently discovered will be conveniently forgotten at this glorious summit...

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But global warming is a religion to its adherents, maybe they will all do us a favor and commit a Jonestown. It should be easy they have already drunk the Al Gore Koolaid already.

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They need to start putting words like scientists, in quotes. Either that, or adding the word, alleged scientists. So we can differentiate between people who are serious about science, and those who are "global warming" zealots. These stories that are trying to approach this like its a real thing, are truly sad. Getting harder to read this stuff with anything but disgust.

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Until we can have some honest debate from global warming activists, and an end to targeting critics, I think this is over. I can't recall a time in history where so many "scientists" were willing to commit fraud to further a social agenda.

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Global warming has been validated as null and void. Humans are not contributing so much to create global change in a short amount of time (the past 200 years). The papers that are the basis for the "global warming" have made up data to support the AL Gore Left leaning folks. Lovely.

Keep talking, though. Evemtually, the world will end when we can't drive a car or flatulate at will.....

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Is this a competition to see who can squeeze the most buzzwords, cliches, and talking points into their posts? All I see is a lot of anti-zealot zealotry going on. I have no idea whether or not man-made global warming is actually happening, but I do know the deniers don't either.

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Experts...the more they fight amongst themselves, the more their salaries are guaranteed and we can enjoy getting the creeps. I recommend that we wait until the forests are dead. Weren't they supposed to die? That was a real hit in the media in the 80's...

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mtimjones days:

I can't recall a time in history where so many "scientists" were willing to commit fraud to further a social agenda.

You are so right. The last such 'scientific' crusade that I can think of was the Eugenics movement during the last century.

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Everybody wants to feel important. If any of these "scientists" were worth their salt, they'd be working as scientists in industry or military, and not propaganda pushers for socialist governments. But they aren't so they're trying their hardest to make themselves feel relevant, and the socialist governments are exploiting that effort.

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