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The price of rebuilding Ukraine goes up each day − but shirking the bill will cost even more

By Jeffrey Kucik

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This is true: Russia has yet to be able to take a major city, but by the West not stopping its aggression as quickly as possible, Russia is inflicting more damage on an eventual EU and NATO member.

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Inb4 "the West's aggression". Nice try.

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They should have targeted Putin's regime on day 1. It would have cost less in cash and less in emissions. Yes, the emissions. We get shamed for a plastic bottle or a drinking straw but it is OK to rip a country apart and rebuild it with all the emissions involved in that, when taking out the regime responsible at the start would have prevented it. This is why we should not trust politicians. So how much will the US be coughing up to rebuild Haiti? And what about Puerto Rico?

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This war stops the moment the US stops funding it. The Zelenski government is totally dependent on US funding. Without it, it is back to the negotiation table, as last time in Istanbul. A negotiated settlement is the only way to end this conflict. US warhawks like Victoria Nuland who are pushing for endless escalation are indefensible.

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Inb4 "the West's aggression". Nice try.

It is true. Which you can find out easily if you read up on the history of the conflict, instead of the just looking at the media headlines. Try to read what Profs. Jeffrey Sachs, Glenn Diesen, or Nicolai Petro are saying about it. Or senior diplomats like Craig Murray, David H. Rundell, Michael Gfoeller, or Alastair Crooke. Or even Angela Merkel herself, who warned about Nato expansion already in 2008.

But in the media, you only hear voices like Antony Blinken or Victoria Nuland.

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ZaphodToday  02:21 am JST

Tanks were rolling only one direction on Feb. 24, 2022. Did the war stop when MAGA surrenders held up aid for six months? No it did not. The only negotiation necessary is how wide the dmz should be.

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