The streaming war's first victim: your wallet

By Javier TOVAR

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Long live the pirates and God bless them! Their threat is the only thing that will ever get these greed bags in line.

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I cut the cable long ago. Movies and television programs I want to watch are free from the library. The occasional NFL game (and Super Bowl - haven't missed a single one of those in all the years) are watched at my local pub. I don't miss TV, that's for sure, and the prices mentioned in this article are a bit lower than the Canadian cable company that I used to deal with. Here, there are two cable monopolies, and they sold each other some of the areas where they competed, so they could truly become geographic/market monopolies. The only way to protest that kind of corporate collusion is to cancel service.

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I was writing about this dilemma on another story here on JT. The proliferation of streaming sites is only going to cost consumers more especially as each site monopolizes more content from each other. I like how there had been only two or three major streamers the last 10-15 years.

As for the lady Mery above, she may need to tell her kids to suck it up forget about Disney Plus and just stick to one streaming site. She should ditch her cable if she's only watching an occasional baseball game and news.

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Who really needs to sub to so many streaming sites though? Are you really consuming so much content on a regular basis? If there's a show you want to watch just sub for a month and cancel it. I can see the mentality though, "oh, it's only 1000yen a month, that's not so much", but when they build up all of a sudden you're paying a lot of money unexpectedly! For me, between Prime, Netflix 4K plan, and DAZN, I pay over 5000yen a month!

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Never use them.

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I'm subscribed to Netflix which I use everyday as it has something for everyone in the family. I also have Amazon Prime but that is really for the free delivery on shopping, I hardly ever use the Prime TV. Unless Netflix content really takes a dive I just can't see why I need to add to it, the children aren't sat in front of the TV all day and neither is my mrs.

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