There's something else at stake in Trump impeachment: Control of U.S. Senate

By Richard Cowan and David Morgan

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"It could add to their potential problems, if they look like partisan soldiers and not independent, free-thinking senators,"

This should apply to all senators including democrats...

Shall I re-write it this way? "It could add to their potential problems, if they look like partisan soldiers and not independent, free-thinking CONGRESSMEN AND WOMEN,"

If the above had happened this would not have come to the senate for this drama, by wasting money and time of the tax payers.

It is time to throw this all saga to the waste bin. We have more things to talk and to do for this nation.

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the Nov 3 election, in which Trump also will be on the ballot.

How can that be? Surely all Senators will vote to remove Trump on the basis of the evidence presented and additional witnesses If (big if?) they live up to their oaths. Or is the suggestion that the GOP would rerun Trump even after removal?

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Less than one year to go until we get a new President, and Trump is no longer protected from criminal prosecution due to his position as President.

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This is so amusing DT picked up Senators at the mid term even though he was supposed to colluding with the Russians - DT wont be impeached and he will win the next Presidential election just on the fact the Democrats haven't come up with one single credible candidate, it doesn't include the other facts that the US economy is booming, the stock market is at record levels making people wealthier then there's the other important fact record low unemployment including amongst minority groups.

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trump have to be impeached, why because of all crimes, he did do in his term as president. if he is not impeached, all americans will suffer and the world will view america in a different light. A very negative light.

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Actually, it will be determined more than anything by voter tunout in the states where GOP Senator's seats are in play. Heavy turnout will favor the Democrats, which in turn is the motivator for GOP gerrymandering, voter suppresssion and voter ID efforts, and their refusal to consider a national holiday for elections.

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What are you talking about? Don't be so bias. All these things you listed existed long before Trump.

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Mitch McConnell, the Geriatric Mutant Ninja Turtle, is the problem and he needs to go. He is more of the problem than Donald Trump is.

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