Too old for president? Health and fitness a better question


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both Sanders and Biden have conspicuously showcased their physical activity during the campaign.

The video with Bernie getting punched with the punching bag is hilarious.

Cameras have captured a third top Democratic contender, 70-year-old Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, taking high-energy jogs around rallies where she stays hours afterward to snap photos with supporters.

The one where she runs down the steps to the subway station outside Madison Square Garden is hilarious.

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The age limit for being president should be set at 70 years from the beginning of the first office, which would have ruled out Trump.

Trump is obese and some hidden health problems. Forgetting his words.

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The world should not be run by people with little stake in its future.

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Sen. Warren seems very healthy, as do Bernie and Biden, but I would prefer they were all a tad younger. I don't care how old Trump is, he is a fruitcake who should be in jail.

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Age seems to be the biggest problem with Trump. He is the one whose age is truly showing.

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Where does "Science say age is just a number"??

It surely does not.  Age eventually kills everybody.  Yes dirfferent people age differently for a variety of reasons, but tnat doesn't mean that age is irrelevant.

All 3 of these old timers are showing the effects of age.  and not for the better.

Although frankly the younger Dem candidates are not a lot more impressive.

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... as Trump mocks Biden for verbal missteps, suggesting age has slowed his Democratic rival

Verbal missteps? Gosh. Talk about pots calling kettles black, etcetera.

Just reading a bio of Richard Nixon. When Nixon was V-P to Eisenhower, Ike had a stroke. He pulled through, but it was 50-50 for a while. Many people - Republicans - were concerned (even in the mid 1950s) that Nixon wasn't a suitable person to take over the Presidency if Eisenhower had died.

If people are going to be elected President in their 70s, then the question of who you pick for a V-P is going to become even more important.

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There should be a mandatory upper limit for becoming President.

If they have a minimum age limit to become one, then nothing wrong with having an upper one.

These candidates are too old, both mentally and physically. We need fresher new blood.

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Age seems to be the biggest problem with Trump. He is the one whose age is truly showing.

Not according to Chris Cuomo, he's complaining Trump doesn't seem to age.

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